Advertise your items here! Not just stamps - if you're looking to sell a watermark detector, buy a stamp to complete a series, or just exchange some duplicates - this is where to do it.

Listings will be visible for a full year or until notification is received that you would like the listing removed.

Each listing has its own dedicated page, which can be as long as you wish. This page contains your contact details, and as many photographs or scans as you like. However the file size should be as small as possible with a maximum size of 1Mb (simply because larger images will take a long time to load via a dial-up connection).

Your contact details may be a telephone number or email address. These are converted into images to avoid harvesting by robots, and subsequent spam. You may also wish to use a separate email address for additional protection.

For Sale

Perhaps you're downsizing your collection? Or want to get rid of an unwanted inheritance? Or perhaps you have some second-hand equipment which you no longer need? List it here.

Swaziland Collection - £20


Looking for a stamp to complete a series? Ask for it here.

Swap - Swop - Exchange

Exchange your duplicates by listing them in this section. The exchange can be on a "10 of these for 10 of those" basis, or based on the current catalogue value - it's up to you.

Security - use an Escrow service

My brother was an avid collector and lived in Australia for a while. He decided to emigrate to southern Africa, and naÏvely gave his stamp collection to a friend with the instructions to sell it, and forward the money.

Of course he never heard from the friend again.

So for safety, you may wish to use an Escrow service. How this works : instead of paying the seller with an online payment service like Paypal, the buyer pays a third party, the Escrow service. Once the funds are received, the Escrow service lets the seller know that the goods can be sent. Once the buyer has received the goods, the Escrow service releases the funds to the seller. It is of course advisable to send items via a recorded, insured delivery service as well.

Here's a few Escrow services you may wish to consider:

An Escrow service based in the UK, accepting UK £, Euros, and US Dollars. Probably only worthwhile for high-value items, as their fees start at £15.
Based in the USA, and subject to California law. If you live outside the US, this won't be much use.

Then there's Transpact.
UK-based Escrow service with the lowest fees I've come across. They accept UK £, Euros and US Dollars - but the transaction fee is highest if you use dollars.


To advertise on this site, the fee structure is simple, and is payable by either Paypal or Google Checkout.

Annual membership
You may place as many listings as you like over a period of 365 days.
Cost : £35
Single listing: For Sale
Cost : £10
Single listing: Wanted
Cost : £5
Single listing: Exchange requests
Cost : £5

Simply use the Contact form for further details.

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